Compared to Other Presidents, Spokesperson Gusdur Mention Jokowi Anger, Including Soft


Illustration Illustration - President Joko Widodo's anger towards his ministers as recorded in the video uploaded on Sunday (28 June) is common and understandable. Such anger is not the monopoly of a Jokowi but almost every President has done it with a different style and expression, some even extreme.

"If (President Jokowi arrives) gets angry, that is the softest action than the other (presidents)," said former President Spokesman KH Abdurrahman Wahid (Gus Dur), Wimar Witoelar, told on Tuesday (30 June 2020).

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President Gus Dur, he continued, also once reprimanded his ministers in a cabinet meeting. It's just that time there was no Youtube technology so the public did not know about it. During his two terms as President, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono was also angry and classified as emotional. "But still I consider him a good President," said Wimar.

The peak expression of President Gus Dur's anger was to dismiss a number of his ministers. Wimar claimed that as a friend of the President, he was more or less involved in the process of dismissing a number of ministers, such as Yusril Ihza Mahendra, Marzuki Darusman, and Prof. Ryaas Rasyid.

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If this time President Jokowi wants to reshuffle his cabinet, Wimar said that it would be better if it was immediately carried out. Not only in the health post, for the economy post, he also considered that Sri Mulyani could be replaced by another figure who had similar technical skills and integrity.

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