Besides Lathi, This is a List of Indonesian Songs That Have a Mystical Story


Make up challange of  the Lathi song Make up challange of the Lathi song - Lathi, a musical piece from Weird Genius and Sara Fajira, is currently on the rise to the international level. Unfortunately, the song's popularity was followed by unpleasant rumors.

The song, which uses Javanese as one of its lines, is accused of being a devotional song. That was certainly denied by Sara Fajira and Weird Genius.

Besides Lathi, apparently there are a number of other Indonesian songs that have been rumored to have mystical stories behind them. Anything?

1. Selepas Kau Pergi- La Luna
Selepas Kau Pergi is a song La Luna contained in the album Menanti Pagi which was released in 2003. Many say that the song sounded gamelan instruments.

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The gamelan instrument is called incompatible with the song music Selepas Kau Pergi. Gossip is circulating, the sound of the gamelan is a mysterious sound that was accidentally recorded.

2. Sephia - Sheila On 7
Sephia is a hits song from Sheila On 7. Even though the lyrics tell about messages for mistresses, there seems to be a horror story that has become quite a rumor about the song.

Reportedly Sephia is the name of a girl who died in an accident before watching the Sheila On 7 concert. One day, Eros got a call from Sephia who at that time had died.

However, the news was denied by Sheila On 7 who said that the rumor was not true.

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3. Resah - Payung Teduh
In a way, Anxious is a song that successfully catapulted the name of Payung Teduh.

The song contains poetic lyrics so there is gossip saying that the song is a poem found in the pocket of a mountain climber who died of suicide.

However, again the rumor was not proven and was denied by Payung Teduh in his time.

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