Do not Want to Lose With Silver-Plated Masks, Indian Men Wear Gold-Plated Masks


This Indian man is wearing a gold-plated mask This Indian man is wearing a gold-plated mask - An Indian man named, Shankar Kurhade, claimed to pay USD 4 thousand or nearly IDR 60 million for a gold-plated mask. The gold covering the mask is called weighing 60 grams.

"This mask is thin and has small pores that help me breathe," Shankar told AFP news agency on Sunday (07 July 2020).

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Shankar, a businessman from the city of Pune in India, said that artisans need 8 days to make their masks. He also claimed to like gold jewelry including bracelets, necklaces, and rings on each of his right fingers.

"I am not sure if this is effective to protect against coronavirus infection but I have other preventative measures," he added.

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The idea of ??making a gold-plated mask was when he saw media reports that there was a man wearing a silver-coated mask. He also finally made another mask but gold plated.

"They were fascinated when they saw me wearing a gold-coated mask in the markets," he added.

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