The Spreader of Videos of Naked Doctor in Surabaya was Admitting Regret and Apology To Tears


Upload a viral video of a naked doctor in Surabaya Upload a viral video of a naked doctor in Surabaya - Uploaders of viral videos of naked doctors in Surabaya finally apologized. The owner of the Twitter account @filipus_nove regretted his actions. His eyes looked glazed when presented at a press conference held by Surabaya Polrestabes.

Coming out wearing orange clothes and masks, the man with the initial PN (36), a resident of Kebon Jeruk Sub-district, West Jakarta, looked down when the police banned him out of the jail. His eyes filled with tears and his sentence faltered with tears in his apologies.

"I apologize to the victim and also the reporter for my tweet that became viral," said PN to reporters while at Mapolrestabes Surabaya, Tuesday (06 July 2020).

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Despite claiming not to know the victim or the doctor's family, the perpetrator hopes to meet the doctor and his family to apologize.

PN claimed the victim's family was still in shock when the naked doctor video was viral. So they have not been able to meet with the perpetrators.

He claimed to get a naked doctor video and information from the WhatsApp group. But the video was uploaded directly to his social media account @filipus_nove without being checked first.

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While for his actions, the perpetrators were threatened with multiple articles and were sentenced to 12 years in prison. "Perpetrators did not cross-check the truth of the video and upload it directly to social media. For this case, it was enforced in layers," said Kanit Resmob Satreskrim Surabaya Police Iptu Arief Rizky Wicaksana told reporters at Mapolrestabes Surabaya.

Previously, this case started with a viral video of a naked woman in Surabaya on social media.

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