Maria Pauline Lumowa, BNI Breaker IDR 1, 7 Trillion Successfully Captured in Serbia


Menkumham Yasonna H Laoly successfully extradited Bank Breaker Rp1, 7 Trillion, Maria Pauline Lumowa during a visit to Serbia. Menkumham Yasonna H Laoly successfully extradited Bank Breaker Rp1, 7 Trillion, Maria Pauline Lumowa during a visit to Serbia. - Minister of Law and Human Rights (Menkumham) Yasonna H Laoly is known to be currently in Serbia. During his visit, Yasonna and the delegation succeeded in completing the extradition process of Bank BNI burglary fugitive Maria Pauline Lumowa from the country.

Yasonna said that success in completing the extradition process could not be separated from legal diplomacy and good relations between the two countries. In addition, this extradition process is also a sweet fruit of the government's commitment to long-running law enforcement efforts.

The minister who was born in Sorkam, Central Tapanuli said that the extradition of Maria Pauline Lumowa could not be separated from the principle of reciprocity (reciprocity). Previously, Indonesia had granted Serbia's request to extradite the perpetrators of Nikolo Iliev's customer data theft in 2015.

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Maria Pauline Lumowa is one of the suspected perpetrators of BNI bank cash in the Kebayoran Baru branch through a fictitious Letter of Credit (L / C). In the period of October 2002 to July 2003, Bank BNI disbursed loans worth 136 million US dollars and 56 million Euros or equal to Rp 1.7 Trillion at the current exchange rate to PT Gramarindo Group owned by Maria Pauline Lumowa and Adrian Waworuntu.

The action of PT Gramarindo Group allegedly received help from insiders because BNI continued to approve L / C guarantees from Dubai Bank Kenya Ltd., Rosbank Switzerland, Middle East Bank Kenya Ltd., and The Wall Street Banking Corp which are not Bank BNI's correspondence banks.

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In June 2003, BNI suspicious of PT Gramarindo Group's financial transactions began an investigation and found that the company had never exported.

The alleged fictitious L / C was then reported to the National Police Headquarters, but Maria Pauline Lumowa had already flown to Singapore in September 2003, aka a month before being named a suspect by a special team formed by the National Police Headquarters. The woman born in Paleloan, North Sulawesi, on July 27, 1958, was later found to be in the Netherlands in 2009 and often went back and forth to Singapore.

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