Fantastic! The Story of a Janitor who Earns IDR500 Million in KRL


The money found by Mujenih in Bogor KRL The money found by Mujenih in Bogor KRL - Mujenih, a janitor at KRL returned Rp. 500 million he found in a plastic bag in a KRL train to Bogor. This is the appearance of the money.

Detikcom got photos of the money appearance from Mujenih. Seen in the photo there are 6 wads of IDR100,000 denominations tied neatly on a newspaper.

Mujenih also signed the form for the transfer of lost items. It says the condition of the last item found is 'black plastic with 500 million in cash'.

The form of the handover of lost property finds IDR 500 million in KRL.

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Asked further, Mujenih said he did not have time to meet with the owner of the money because he had to go back to work.

Netizens on social media were busy commenting on the story of the discovery of IDR500 million in this KRL car. Many praised Mujenih for wanting to return the money.

Mujenih himself said it was appropriate that he returned the money. The reason is simple because the money does not belong to him.

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There is no further information on whether this money has been received back by the owner or not. AFP has met with the Head of Bogor Station Arkansyah, but he refused to comment and requested that this incident be confirmed to PT KCI Corporate Communications V Anne Purba.

Contacted separately, Anne Purba said any items found in the KRL carriage would be returned.

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