A Mother's Sacrifice Your Life in Kalimalang to Save Her Children


Deadly accident on the Kalimalang River Deadly accident on the Kalimalang River - Ayung, an eyewitness, told of the struggle of a mother, Samsiyah, when rescuing her two children from a minibus that plunged and was dragged along the current in the Kalimalang River, Sumber Artha, Bekasi City, West Java, Friday (10 July) morning. Samsiyah finally died in this incident.

The black minibus that Samsiyah and her family were riding was dragged along the Kalimalang flow along 100 meters. In the car, there are two children each NA (3) and RI (10). The car was driven by a driver named Sutaryo (20).

Previously reported, Ayung told, when the unlucky car entered the river and drifted by the current, the mother had shouted from the car asking for help to residents around.

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Ayung also saw Samsiyah's struggle to save her two children NA (3) and RI (10). The mother tried to get her two children out of the car cabin through the window of the passenger seat in the middle.

The efforts of Samsiyah, Ayung allegedly, because the position of the car door at that time was locked.

RI managed to survive as well as the driver, while NA is still in search of the SAR and police team.

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Sutaryo and RI managed to survive after they swam to the edge of the Kalimalang and evacuated local residents.

Whereas NA, said Ayung, could not swim and was lost in Kalimalang.

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