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Improving Family Economy Amid Covid-19 Pandemic, Rasidah reviewed Quail Farm in Bungaraya


Rasidah reviewed Quail Farm in Bungaraya Rasidah reviewed Quail Farm in Bungaraya - Head of the Teak Family Empowerment Empowerment Team of the Siak Regency Rasidah Abdul Gani accompanied by Bungaraya Sub-District Chief Amin Soimin visited Endang Suprihatin (51) laying quail farms, residents of Kampung Bungaraya, Bungaraya District.

Siak State High School 1 Teacher is proud and happy that women are able to innovate in increasing income or the family economy amid a co-19 pandemic. This is important in supporting the success of the vision and mission of 10 main programs for Family Welfare Empowerment that aim at the welfare of the community.

"We are happy that women can help their husbands in increasing family income. Hopefully with the development of this business farmers can improve the family economy," said Rasidah.

He explained the effort to increase family income was included in Working Group 2 Empowerment of Family Welfare. For that reason, mothers of Family Welfare Empowerment must take a role in improving the family's economy.

Do not forget the Siak Regent's wife invited the womenfolk to become the pioneers of the movement to grow vegetables, fish and poultry in every yard of his house.

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Accompanied by the Chairman of the Empowerment of the Family Welfare of the Bungaraya District, Rasidah seemed eager to look around from the chicks and began quoting quail eggs.

"How long have you been raising quail Buk Endang?" Rasidah asked Sugianto's wife.

Endang admitted that he had only been raising quail for a year and a half. He told Rasidah the bright prospect of raising quails, where the marketing of eggs was smooth, the price of eggs was normal, and the availability of feed was quite adequate.

"Alhamdulillah, this Quail raising business can be profitable. A day can produce 6 boards at a time," said Endang.

He continued, as many as 100 boards were sold for 30,000 IDR. If added together a day is obtained 180,000 IDR. per day, from 600 productive tails. The process he starts from hatching to quail lay eggs.

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Endang chose to raise quail because it did not take up much space, so that it could be maintained in the yard of the house. He also benefited because there is already a quail breeder community in the Bungaraya district.

"Starting from 50 quails that were given by a husband's friend, until now the breed has become a lot." He said with a smile.

In addition to selling quail eggs, Rosita claimed to also sell quail and brood quails. For the age of 20 days he sold Rp 8,000 per animal, age 30 days 10,000 IDR and those who are productive or ready to lay eggs 12,000 IDR per head.

He hopes that there will be assistance for livestock feed making equipment, at least 1 unit for breeder associations in the Bungaraya District. This he said, to cope with the purchase of feed at a high price. (Adv)

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