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Covid-19 Pandemic Hasn't Ended, Public Junior High School 07 Tualang Siak Applies Distance Learning System


Illustration Illustration - Covid-19 Pandemic hasn't ended, teaching and learning activities will be carried out virtually in accordance with the recommendations of the Siak Regency government through the Ministry of Education and Culture.

Such as Public Junior High School Tualang 7, Tualang Subdistrict, Siak Regency, which applies Distance Learning and the use of social media in the academic year 2020/2021. The school is conducting socialization about how the mechanisms and schemes of student learning, socialization was followed by a number of parents of students.

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"Teaching and learning activities we implement distance learning or Distance Learning and the use of social media. Because to prevent the spread of the Corona virus, this is done," Principal of the 7 State Junior High School, Tualang, Suhadirman, S.Pd, told the media.

The mechanism, students continue to learn at home virtually through video call applications such as Zoom and so on. Then, the school also gives assignments via the message group WhatsApp and sends back the assignment to be graded by the teacher.

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Suhadirman said that the socialization carried out by the Public Junior High School Tualang 7 continued to follow the health protocol.

"Obviously at school we must wear masks entering the school area and must wash hands with soap in the places we have provided. And we do measurements of body temperature as well and keep a distance," he said.

For information, in this school year, Public Junior High School Tualang 7 accepts 160 students in 5 local schools. (Adv)

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