The Terms of ODP and PDP Will Change on the East Java COVID Website, This Explanation of the Task Force


Illustration Illustration - RI Minister of Health Terawan Agus Putranto issued new regulations regarding the Coronavirus prevention guidelines in Indonesia. One of them by replacing a number of terms.

East Java COVID-19 Curative Cluster member, Dr. Makhyan Jibril said that his party had not yet replaced the terms ODP, PDP, and OTG.

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"Currently it has not been replaced. Because we are still socializing it to district/city health offices and district/city hospitals," Jibril told AFP on Wednesday (15 July 2020).

Jibril made sure before upgrading the new terms on the East Java COVID website, he wanted the Health Office and Regency / City Hospital in East Java to understand first.

According to Gabriel, the displays on the website will change according to the new terms from the Indonesian Ministry of Health. Later the official of the health office and the hospital must understand the new term before entering the data.

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