Fantastic! Hotel and Restaurant Entrepreneurs Need IDR 21 Trillion, See Its Use


Hotelroom Hotelroom - Even though they have been permitted to operate again, the tourism industry, especially hotels and restaurants, claims they have not been able to fully recover, given the lack of public interest and the complexity of travel regulations during this pandemic. For this reason, one of the hopes of the Indonesian Hotel and Restaurant Association (PHRI) to recover soon is to be given additional working capital.

"We need this additional working capital because almost the majority of companies have run out of working capital during the pandemic," PHRI chairman Hariyadi Sukamdani said in a virtual hearing with the House of Representatives Commission X on Tuesday (14 July 2020).

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The additional injection of working capital expected by PHRI is IDR  21.3 trillion for 715,000 hotel rooms and 17,862 restaurant units.

"This we calculate the entire overhead costs outside of raw materials for food and beverages, we found the figure of IDR 21.3 trillion for the 6 months working capital needed, assuming they experience completely working capital. So this is overhead, employee salaries, electricity "The main promotion is outside food and beverage raw materials," he said.

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He also hopes the government will provide direct cash assistance for tourism sector workers who cannot work during the pandemic.

"We hope it can be maintained because this is a means of our connectivity, because we are a bit worried, like yesterday's lion had already laid off 3,000 people. .

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