Selling Houses and Their Residents on Social Media, Beautiful Widow from Bangka Belitung Suddenly Gets Viral


The widow named Metha Kanzul when met at his home The widow named Metha Kanzul when met at his home - A beautiful widow in Central Bangka Regency, Bangka Belitung Province (babel), has a unique way, but a little odd so that the house she wants to sell quickly sells. Through her social media account, this woman uploaded photos of the house she wanted to sell and herself in a group with the statement, "For sale a house, land ready for habitation, plus a wife if a mate".

The 30-year-old woman's post suddenly went viral on social media. The widow named Metha Kanzul was also heavily discussed. In her posting in the Bangka Belitung Car and Motorbike Buying and Buying group, Metha not only posted photos of her house and herself, but also a picture of her holding a child.

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After the post, the resident of Air Mesu Village, Pangkalanbaru Subdistrict, Central Bangka Regency received many responses through chatting through a conversation application on her cellphone. There are just asking about buying and selling houses and there are also asking about a mate with her.

However, Metha claimed not to object to these questions. Only, she chose to serve more questions about home sales.

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Metha also admitted, if there is a match with the criteria, it is not impossible that the home buyer or prospective home buyer can get a house and its inhabitants, namely Metha and her child. Moreover, Metha who has been widowed for a year is currently looking for a priest to accompany her life.

This single parent woman claimed to work as a career woman. He works to meet the daily needs of himself and the child.

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