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Prevent Covid-19 Transmission, Regent Urges the Company to Stop Bringing Foreign Workers


Siak Regent Drs H Alfedri Msi Siak Regent Drs H Alfedri Msi - Siak Regent Alfedri asked all large companies operating in Siak Regency to stop bringing in workers from outside Siak Regency.

This appeal was conveyed after the increase in the Covid-19 outbreak in Siak district. As happened at PT Indah Kiat Pulp and Paper, employees who came from South Sumatra confirmed positive Covid-19.

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"We have already reminded the company in Siak, for the time being it did not bring in workers from outside. Optimize the workforce in the factory, so that the Covid-19 outbreak really decreases, ”Alfedri said when approached by reporters some time ago, in Bungaraya.

He continued, currently there are three clusters of Siak, Mempura and Koto Gasib which must be tracked, residents who are reactive are still being swabbed. He also appealed to the increasing positive cases of Covid-19. What's more bring workers from the red zone.

"If companies really need outside experts, they must be swabbed first, check their health, and most importantly in the data and companies must report to the government. It means that it is actually carried out following the Covid-19 health protocol, "Alfedri stressed.

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Still Alfedri said, during this epidemic, the company was obliged to implement health protocols, in the workplace environment providing containers for washing hands, keeping a distance and most importantly requiring employees to wear masks.

"At any time I convey to the public, currently, out of the law house must wear a mask. In addition, we have also prepared regulations, regarding the order of productive life in the middle of Covid-19. Which is currently being evaluated by the Riau provincial government, if this rule is passed later can be a reference in implementing the new normal Covid-19 "he concluded. (adv)

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