Based on Data, Earth's Seismic Vibration Reduces Drastically During Corona Outbreak Lockdown


Illustration Illustration - A lockdown policy to reduce the spread of the Covid-19 outbreak throughout the world has caused the most seismic vibration to be caused by the longest recorded human activity.

This reduction in vibration helps sharpen the ability of scientists to listen to the earth's natural signals and detect earthquakes, said a study published on Thursday (23 July).

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Inside the earth, there are vibrations that move like waves. These seismic vibrations originate from earthquakes, volcanoes, winds, and rivers as well as from human activities such as travel and industrial activities.

In a study published in the scientific journal Science and carried out using an international seismometer network, scientists found that earth vibrations related to human activity had reduced an average of 50 percent between March and May this year.

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