Watch Out! Bursts of Microdroplets When Speaking Can Spread Corona


Much talk can transmit the Corona virus Much talk can transmit the Corona virus - Scientists believe SARS-CoV-2, the Coronavirus that causes COVID-19, can survive in the air in the form of a microdroplet that comes out while breathing or talking. What is uncertain is whether the virus in the microdroplet can be transmitted.

A new piece of evidence was discovered by scientists at the University of Nebraska, and was published in the pre-printed form at These findings suggest that viruses taken from microdroplets can replicate or replicate in the laboratory.

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In this study, microdroplets are defined as having sizes below 5 microns. With this small size, the microdroplet can hover in the air and move more than 2 meters as recommended in physical distancing.

It should be noted, this research has not been through peer review. That is, it is still very likely to be debated among scientists.

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