Severe! A Man In Makassar Have Sex With His Own Dogs


Illustration Illustration - Viral centered on social media screenshot of a conversation of a man claiming to be from Gowa Regency, South Sulawesi (South Sulawesi), and having screwed his pet dog. Makassar Animal Friends Foundation is looking into the man's whereabouts and will report to the police.

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The confession of a man who had screwed his pet dog was spread on social media, as uploaded by the Natha Satwa Nusantara Facebook account. Viewed from AFP, a screenshot of a man's conversation history was written on behalf of AH.

In the conversation history, AH claimed to have fucked his own pet dog. He also briefly told how the action was carried out. He also claimed to live in Gowa Regency, South Sulawesi.

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The Makassar Friends of Animal Foundation is currently preparing a police report regarding the alleged man having fucked his pet dog.

Makassar Animal Friends Foundation is concerned about the recognition of the man who had fucked his dog.

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