Billy Syahputra Is Falling Love, Nikita Mirzan Comes Charging His Debt of Tens of Million


Nikita Mirzani Nikita Mirzani - Billy Syahputra is in love with Amanda Manopo. But the condition was suddenly damaged because the presenter was billed by Nikita Mirzani's debt.

On Instagram Stories, Nikita Mirzani asks Billy Syahputra to pay for mobile phones that have been bought before. She hopes that the late Olga Syahputra's younger brother will soon pay off his debt.

Based on Nikita's information, Billy's debt was not even just one, apparently, there were still tens of millions more.

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Another time, Nikita Mirzani also mentioned Billy Syahputra's debt about swimming pools. She charged IDR 12 million to Billy.

After billing on social media, Nikita Mirzani also still teasing people who owe it. She reminded again to pay the debt.

"Try the one who still has self-esteem in paying off debts with me. Don't just borrow it. Hurry up," Nikita said, uploading a video while sticking out her tongue.

Nikita Mirzani's post about debt collection to Billy Syahputra surprised netizens. They are actually known to be so close while on YouTube.

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