Goat Torpedo Is Considered To Increase Sexual Passion, Myth Or Fact?


Illustration Illustration - Torpedo goat is one part of the body of sacrificial animals that are secretly hunted by men. Although it is not clear the theory, torpedoes, aka vital organs of male goats, are believed to increase vitality in the bed.

It is believed, this effect comes from the high testosterone content in that section. Testosterone itself is known as a male sex hormone and plays an important role in various sexual functions, including arousing libido or sex drive.

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A health practitioner, Dr. Andi Khomeini Takdir, SpPD, implies that this assumption is nothing more than a myth. According to him, male vitality is determined by many factors so it is not that easy to be raised.

According to Dr. Koko, goat torpedo hunters need to be careful if they have a history of heart disease and high cholesterol. It is not allowed to consume it at all, but it is better to be limited or not excessive and balanced with fresh vegetables and fruit.

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