Following the New Normal Protocol, Banyuwangi Regency Government is Confidence to Open Tourism Destinations


Banyuwangi regent, Anwar Anas Banyuwangi regent, Anwar Anas - Banyuwangi Regent Abdullah Azwar Anas conducted a number of simulations to open tourism destinations in the 'new normal' era. Among them doing certification training in accordance with the COVID-19 health protocol for tour guides and to tourist destinations to restaurants.

He said in Banyuwangi, the number of tourism destinations that would be opened was limited, such as hotels on the beach and restaurants that had been certified according to the COVID-19 protocol. The list of hotels and restaurants opened according to the COVID-19 protocol can be seen in the application made by Banyuwangi District Government.

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In addition, several tour guides, tourist destinations, and restaurants have also been trained to offer tourism destinations in accordance with the COVID-19 protocol. However, Anas said, the certification is not valid forever, if found to violate the COVID-19 protocol, it will be re-evaluated.

The list of several tourist destinations that will be opened in the 'new normal' era, for example, certified restaurants, hotels on the beach, Ijen Crater, Taman Suruh Agro Tourism, Gandrung Terracotta Park, Underwater Bansring, and Alas Purwo Park. For example, the Ijen Crater area will be limited by the number of visitors from the previous thousands to now 450 people, in addition visitors must order tickets online.

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