Besides Spooky, Jarik Cloth Fetish Can Turn Out Can Cause Death


Case of Jarik Cloth Fetish in Surabaya Case of Jarik Cloth Fetish in Surabaya - Viral stories of strange sex predators 'fetish clothes' practiced by a student in Surabaya. This type of behavior is similar to mummification which is identical to the 'wrap-up' activity. However, this strange sex practice is considered dangerous because it has claimed lives.

Viral wrap-sex in Indonesia begins with the story of Mufis as a victim. The man was wrapped in several layers of razor cloth. Mufis' friends are also bound by a kind of dark insulation. Mufis finally realized that this was sexual harassment with fetishism.

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Not all such strange sexual activity ends safely. Some similar activities are proven to end in death.

In some countries, there are several cases of mummification abroad that have claimed lives.

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