10 Sacrificial Animal Tails, 750 Coupons distributed to the Community


Slaughter of sacrificial animals Slaughter of sacrificial animals - On the 1441 Hijri sacrifice, Istiqomah Bengkalis Mosque cut 10 sacrificial animals including 7 cows and 3 goats. The deduction was carried out in the yard of the Istiqomah mosque, Jalan Patimura, Bengkalis, Saturday, August 1, 2020.

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"Alhamdulillah, this year there were 7 cows and 3 goats from the congregation, 1 cow from the Bengkalis Regency government assistance from civil servants, while last year there were 1 cow which was a government aid," said Chairman of the slaughter of sacrificial animals, Hamidi .

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He said, the sacrificial committee had prepared approximately 750 coupons to be distributed to underprivileged groups, especially the poor and congregants and the Bangkong trench community and its surroundings.

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