Marry a Woman 31 Years Younger Than Her, This Hollywood Actor Who Has Been Married Twice This Feels Fit


Sean Penn and Leila George Sean Penn and Leila George - Hollywood actor Sean Penn reportedly married his girlfriend recently. The woman named Leila George.
Previously Penn and Leila were engaged. This news was revealed last weekend.

The wedding was held in private and did not invite many people. Reported by the Daily Mail, the relationship between Sean Penn and Leila George has been established for four years.

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The couple received their congratulations on Saturday last week. Congratulations that one of them came from actor Josh Brolin who had been acting opposite Sean Penn in a number of films.

Sean Penn and Leila George are 31 years old, with Penn now 59 and Leila, 28.

So far Sean Penn is known as an actor who has a love affair with a number of beautiful and popular actresses. He had previously been married twice.

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Namely married to Madonna and Robin Wright. Sean Penn also had a relationship with Scarlett Johansson as well as Charlize Theron where Penn and Theron lived together for quite a long time.

Sean Penn is also known to have dated a Czech model and actress, Petra Nemcova.

Previously Sean Penn was reluctant to say much about the figure of Leila George. He only said that the woman who is now his wife was someone who understood him. He also felt there was a match with the figure of Leila.

"He knows me better than me. Although not all the things he said, I agree, but I find he is an interesting person," said Sean Penn.

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