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Holticulture Agricultural Production Not Constrained During the Covid-19 pandemic Alfedri Regent Together with Watermelon Harvest


Regent Alfedri Together with Watermelon Harvest Residents Regent Alfedri Together with Watermelon Harvest Residents - In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, the economy of the community declined due to the impact of this outbreak. But it is not an obstacle for watermelon farmers in West Tualang sub-district, they actually succeed in harvesting a watermelon fruit harvest.

The Regent of Siak Alfedri, who was present at the watermelon harvest, said the government was encouraging farmer groups to plant watermelons. Through the movement to plant horticulture to improve the economy of the community.

"Today we are here with pleasure, carrying out the first harvest of watermelon which is behind the Bank Tabungan Negara Housing Koperasi Employees KM 9 Perawang Barat, District Tualang" said Alfedri.

He explained, currently there are about 30 hectares of watermelon gardens spread across several places. The Maju Bersama farmer group has 25 members. The watermelon plan to be harvested is on an area of ??2 hectares, with an estimated yield of 15 tons per hectare.

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"We encourage citizens to plant horticulture crops for community cultivation, including rice, because we want food sufficiency, food security. At least able to meet local needs," he explained.

He continued, the desire of farmer groups to have a hand tractor or claw cultivator. The regent said this was a priority going forward, because to get alsintan (agricultural machine tools) was first given to the group that had originally proposed.

"The proposal from ladies and gentlemen is our priority in the future, it's just that assistance is given first to the old farmer groups who from the beginning to come along. However, new proposals remain our priority," he said.

It is not unreasonable for the government to limit the distribution of aid to farmers, it is stated that there is a diversion of the budget in all work units, for Covid-19 customers.

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Meanwhile Chairman of the Advanced Farmers Group Ginda Mulya said that the farmer group consists of young people. They aspire to become a boss in their own business.

In front of the Regent Alfedri Ginda asked for help of agricultural machinery such as hand tractors because so far the land was still using manuals. If with a machine to refine the soil, in the future the land will increase.

"We do not ask for our attention first, secondly we ask for help in farming tools and business capital. We are beginner farmer groups still need assistance from agricultural extension workers so that our hope is that the watermelon farm will increase in the future," he concluded.

The watermelon harvest is according to the Covid-19 health protocol, all invitations wear masks. Present at the event, Camat Tualang, Siak councilor, Penghulu Tualang Barat, head of the farmers' group advanced together with dozens of members, religious leaders and hundreds of residents around the Bank Tabungan Negara housing complex. (Adv)

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