One of the Finalists of the Young Imam Program, Found out Polygamy Husband Without Permission When His Wife Just Gives Birth


Nur Hidayu, Mother of 5 Children Left Behind Marriage Secretly by Husband Nur Hidayu, Mother of 5 Children Left Behind Marriage Secretly by Husband - Like being struck by lightning in broad daylight. A mother of five children, Nur Hidayu Rosly (33) was hurt by her husband's secret marriage to give birth to her fifth child. A marriage that has been fostered for 13 years has run aground immediately.

Long story short, Nur Hidayu is the first wife of Imam Muda Syed Mohd Faris Syed Roslan (34). Nur Hidayu did not accept that her husband married secretly for the second time in Songkhla, Thailand on March 18, Mother.

Syed Faris, who was also a finalist in the Imam Muda program for the second season of 2014, divorced Nur Hidayu in the Petaling Jaya Syariah Court of Appeals on May 28. Sadly, it happened two days after celebrating their 13th wedding anniversary.

Nur Hidayu also claimed to have been harassed by her husband's new wife. It happened after the husband planned to divorce one of them. In fact, said Nur Hidayu, at that time she had just completed her childbirth after giving birth to their fifth child.

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"The incident happened at my workplace around 12 midnight. The woman was angry when her husband told her that he might divorce one of us," Nur Hidayu was quoted as saying in Malaysian media, Metro Daily.

Nur Hidayu revealed the husband's new wife kicked, stepped on his feet, and twisted his arms. "I don't know what the motive is. Unfortunately, my husband did not defend me at all," he said.

According to Nur Hidayu, he knew the husband's new wife when both of them participated in the missionary mission in Sibu, Sarawak in November 2018 which was also followed by the husband.

"We were there for a week. That's when I met the woman. On the return flight, I was strange because she was on the same flight as her husband, but I didn't. From there, I began to feel something was wrong," he said, quoted from Oh Bulan Malaysia.

Nur Hidayu said, the husband only told him that he married his new wife at the end of January when he had just given birth to their fifth child.

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Before that, she also noticed sudden changes in her husband when he returned home late, including not returning at all. The husband also no longer provides benefits and if given only according to his wishes.

Nur Hidayu said, before this, the husband had said his desire to remarry but he asked him to think of children.

However, her husband still wants to continue his wishes, including claiming that the woman can treat him better than Nur Hidayu.

Surprisingly again, actually Syed Faris had met with five women and wanted to marry one of them before meeting his new wife.

Now Nur Hidayu is conducting a divorce trial and fighting for the custody of her five children, Mother. Meanwhile, there has been no statement from Syed Faris regarding this.

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