Pity; These Scavenger Brothers Are Judged And Beaten Because being Accused of Stealing


Poor, scavengers this brother safeguarded by the police because of being judged by residents Poor, scavengers this brother safeguarded by the police because of being judged by residents - Brothers and sisters in Bojonggede, Depok, had become residents 'months of being accused of stealing in the residents' villages. The accusation was ultimately not proven.

The siblings who were secured by these residents numbered four people. All four were scavengers and were detained by residents because they were suspected of being thieves.

The incident occurred in the village of Manggis, Pabuaran, Bojonggede, Depok, Sunday (2 August 2020) night. At that time, one of the teenagers from the siblings cried surrounded by residents and judged. The Jaguar team immediately moved closer to the location.

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Bojonggede Police Chief Supri Supri said residents in the village often feel lost property. Because of this, residents of Kampung Manggis are suspicious of the four scavengers who were judged.

"The children were just arrested, beaten again, finally secured," said Supri, Monday (3 August).

Supri said, after being interrogated, apparently there was no evidence that led these teenagers to steal. He said the four siblings had never committed theft.

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According to Supri, one of the residents in this village suffered a loss of property last month. Residents suspect that scavengers committed theft.

Finally, the police also summoned a number of parties so that similar incidents would not be repeated. Supri regrets the vigilante action against these four teenage brothers and sisters.

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