Not Lose With Elon Musk, This Man Also Gives A Unique Name To His Child, But the Meaning is Really Good


Y was showing her identity card Y was showing her identity card - There is one very important thing our parents give at birth and we carry it to the end of our lives. Our name.

Sometimes it's good, and sometimes they can be a little weird. In addition to the name, Elon Musk gave his child, now a pair of parents from Indonesia also decided to name it "Y". Apparently, the reason behind it is quite special.

Reporting from Kumparan, Y's parents originally planned to give her the name Dasih Utami, but eventually, her father gave him the name Y because he wanted something short and sweet.

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Slamet Sugiyono, 57, explained that he named his daughter 'Y' because 'Y' is the last letter in Jawi, 'Yes', which means perfection.

Since then Y also shared that he was never intimidated because of his name because many felt unique, even though she did experience difficulties with the administration system when attending examinations at her school.

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