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Preventing the Distribution of Covid-19, Disciplinary Enforcement Teams Patrol the Market


The team is currently patrolling the Tembilahan market The team is currently patrolling the Tembilahan market - Never lax, the joint team of health protocol discipline Covid-19 Indragiri Hilir Regency continued to patrol the health discipline in accordance with local government regulations.

Before conducting a joint patrol, as usual the joint officers carried out a morning breakfast at the Covid-19 Command Post on Jalan M Boya Tembilahan, Wednesday, August 5, 2020 morning.

After carrying out the morning apple all entered the target according to what has been determined by the apple picker.

Today the Joint Team of the Military District Command 0314 / Indragiri Hilir, Indragiri Hilir Resort Police, Transportation Agency, Civil Service Police Unit, Orderly Discipline, Scouts, Regional Disaster Management Agency, Health Service, and Student Regiments Conducting Market Patrols Tracing the Market Shopping Center Floating on Jalan Jendral Sudirman.

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It is seen that people who visit the market both sellers and buyers readily use masks hanging on the chin and the people with the arrival of the combined apparatus already know that masks should always be attached to cover the mouth and nose.

While carrying out patrols in tracing the Market, the joint team also appealed to the health protocol rules that had been made by the Covid-19 Task Force and health protocols that must be applied in daily life.

In addition to carrying out patrols in shopping centers, the team also carried out roadblocks which today are centered on Jalan M Boya.

The joint team appealed to road users to use masks in every drive and the health protocol rules were reminded by the joint apparatus.

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Military District Command Commander 0314 / Indragiri Hilir Lieutenant Colonel Inf Imir Faishal through Operational Section Officer Captain Inf Tarmizi said that the joint team must remain enthusiastic and should not be slack in reminding people who do not yet understand the health protocol and should never be bored.

"We as the apparatus assigned to carry out the noble duty appealed to the health protocol in Inhil District. We show the best example," said Operations Section Officer.

The Operational Section officers also advised the community to always work together to remind one another of family and relatives that the Covid-19 pandemic still exists and in the new order we must carry out health protocols starting from ourselves.

"Our health protocol team also hopes that all agencies in Inhil, let's work together to overcome the Covid-19 pandemic by implementing health protocol rules and reminding each other," he said.

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